October 2016 SIT Minutes

October 2016 SIT Minutes

SIT  Minutes

October 10, 2016


Luke Brown                                        Mallory Hodge-Whitley

Dr. Michelle Taylor                             Adair Doran

Barbara Peach                                     Amber Lawson

Kelly Goodman                                   Crystal Morgan

Georgia Simons                                  Tangela Morgan

Michael Thomas                                  Sandra Sullivan



  1. Meeting began at 3:45.  Minutes approved and seconded.


A.       1)  NTHS—Introduced by Mrs. Clay for CTE courses.  Must have taken 3    

           CTE  courses.   3.0, attendance, discipline records.  Faculty and staff

           recommendations.  Rewards scholastic achievement in CTE Department.

           May join in junior year. 

                 2)  Anime Club—If advisor is found, approval met.

B.  ISS-Notice for ISS?

      Referrals rising quickly.  Some discipline management must take place in   

      classroom.  Will work on holding conversation for discipline quickly then 24 hour    

      notice for ISS.

      Carson Herndon will send email with first initial and last name to teachers as   


     The email will not specifically state ISS—Will state location and to send work.

C.  Music Room Safety—Phones not always working in bandroom.  Contractor for

      phone networking will be fixing equipment soon.

      Can send group text to alert of any emergencies.  A phone tree will be   


D.  Hornet Bucks—The faculty will receive updates from the Hornet Bucks

       program to ensure clarity of school-wide initiatives.

E.  Supplies—Supplies came in today.  A form request was sent by email to submit to   

     Ms. Hardister.  Copy paper now available.  The next order of paper will arrive on

     Thursday morning.  Tech equipment such as dongles and Apple TV should be  

     purchased with commissioner’s money.

F.  Faculty meetings—Notice can be given to alert staff of longer faculty meetings. 

     Faculty meetings typically end at 4:30.


  1.  A.  Uniform Hall passes –All students in the hall must have passes.  We have been waiting on the locks to be completed and student IDs to be completed before a uniform pass is implemented. 

A uniform pass is in the works.

  1. Uniform Emergency Policies—Blinds are to be open during lockdown.  Common sense needs to be used to keep your students as safe as possible during a red lockdown.  Windows in doorways are not to be covered.
  2. Uniform Class Labels—Class posters will be made and posted outside of classroom.


      4.  A community visit will occur on November 16.  The Media Center will be shut   

                 between November 2 and November 16.


  1.  School Improvement Plan:




Engaging Student Work

School Culture



Mr. Brown will create a Google Doc for each goal and strategy.  Goal is to exceed growth for next year.  This will only happen with collaboration in our school culture. 

SIT representatives will be able to add strategies in the Google document as our plan evolves.  SIT representatives should get input from their department.

Our goals should be SMART goals.  The results should be measurable.

The first draft will be presented next Thursday.



Meeting adjourned at 4:36.




















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