November 2016 SIT Minutes

November 2016 SIT Minutes

SIT Meeting – November 2016 

Attendance: Luke Brown, Dr. Taylor, Sandra Sullivan, Tangela Morgan, Mallory Hodge-Whitley, Michael Duncan, Juliann Miller, Mark Brinkley, Michael Thomas, Crystal Morgan, Adair Doran, Sr. Strong, Carie Fugle, Mrs. Simons 

Start Time: 3:46pm 


  1. Approval of October Minutes
  2. Approval of Art Club Proposal
  3. Lunch Room/Picnic Table Safety- Lunch Duty
    1. 50 Degree Rule: Students will not be allowed to eat outside if it is below 50 degrees
    2. Teachers should monitor as needed for safety
    3. Discussion of moving tables closer to the cafeteria entrance
    4. Student supervision-
      1. Bell rings @ 3:30 – teachers should not be allowing students to leave early
      2. Lessons for students outside the classroom (scavenger hunts, working in hallways, etc) – teachers need to still monitor their students and be seen
      3. Teachers are responsible for their students at all times.
      4. Teachers need to be in the halls between classes
      5. Hall Passes –
        1. Color & shape coded based on location
        2. Teachers can personalize 
        3. Educator Handbook –
          1. Documentation of each intervention point (phone calls, emails, student conferences) in the message part of the referral.  This will help with communication and documentation process for the Admin Team when reviewing discipline referrals and create a trail of documentation.
          2. EC Meetings –
            1. Teachers cannot back out of EC/IEP meetings
            2. Teachers cannot use PD or other excuses for getting out of IEP meetings
            3. State Law- Regular Ed teacher needs to be present for meeting to take place.
            4. Student ID Badges –
              1. Software/program issue with printing badges
              2. Admins are working on troubleshooting the problem to get us the ID badges as quickly as possible
              3. Tardy Policy – Reminder of the policy for this school year
                1. 0-5 Tardies = handled by teacher (NO referrals)
                2. 6-10 Tardies = handled by referral and Admins
                3. Level 1 Violation – Cannot suspend a student for being tardy
                4. Teacher needs to document all incidents and make parental contacts
                5. If tardies exceed that point, it would be insubordination and could be handled differently discipline wise
                6. Hornet Bucks –

                                               i.     169 students eligible for the 2nd Celebration

                                              ii.     80.8% of students have at least 1 tardy

                                            iii.     53.8% from first block

  1. Mr. Brown and Mr. Brown are helping to monitor students who leave campus before 8:30 to prevent students from leaving and coming back late – decrease in number of students since Nov. 1st

10. Achieve3000

  1. Research shows that it works
  2. Teachers need to find a way to incorporate its use

                                               i.     High school participation drops (everywhere, not just SHS)

  1. District is expecting us to use Achieve3000 more

                                               i.     Upcoming school-wide challenge to increase the use needs to be taken seriously

  1. Embedding the use of Achieve3000 into your lessons is more successful than a teacher saying, “go use Achieve”

11. SIP –

  1. Goals will be divided and reviewed at each SIT Meeting

12. Budget 2017-2018 –

  1. The budget needs to align with our SIP
  2. Team will look over the budget during the next few meetings, deadline April

13. Homeroom –

  1. Every Friday
  2. Follow the lesson plans that are sent to teachers by Wednesday from Ms. Snipes/Admin Team

14. Night School –

  1. 3:45-5:15, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  2. Applications are open and can be found in guidance
  3. Encourage student enrollment

15. Community Visit –

  1. Wednesday, November 16th
  2. Teachers can submit their lessons (see Monday Updates from Brown)


End Time: 4:38


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