March, 2017 SIT Minutes

March, 2017 SIT Minutes

March SIT Meeting


Members Present: Mr. Luke Brown, Dr. Taylor, Mrs. Peach, Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Diggs-Neal, Mrs. Goodman, Mr. Thomas, Sr. Strong, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Brinkley, Ms. Snipes, Mrs. C. Morgan, Mrs. Doran, Mrs. Fugle, Mrs. Simmons (parent)


Start Time: 3:34pm



  1. Approval of February Minutes
  2. Attendance Policy Clarification:
    1. New Board Policy effective July 2017
  3. Cheating Policy:
    1. Follow Code of Conduct
    2. Each Department will brainstorm ideas on school-wide policy to enforce, and bring back to April SIT meeting.

                                                                i.     Add pieces for group work, digital citizenship, parental contact

  1. Brown request: Teachers need to have clear direction and expectations that are communicated to the students, with no grey area. 
  2. Schedule 2017-2018:
    1. Teacher input considered?  Yes, there will be some consideration.  But student needs will be met first.

                                                                i.     Considerations for number of preps for teachers and number of transitions

  1. Maximize student intervention and opportunities for participation in school events/organizations

                                                                i.     Offered during the school day

  1. Movement of lunch times earlier in the school day, benefits the students and number of discipline referrals 
  2. RSSS- Vendors Expo:
    1. Thursday, March 16th, Wallace Forum
    2. Teacher input will be important
  3. Budget:
    1. Review of 2016-2017 Budget
    2. Requests for Budget 2017-2018

                                                                i.     C. Morgan provided a proposal for Media/Tech

                                                              ii.     Waiting for District’s Toshiba contract confirmation

  1. May need to create two budgets based on approval of Toshiba contract

                                                            iii.     Department Needs

  1. Itemized lists from each department for April meeting


End Time: 4:41pm 


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