December SIT Minutes

December SIT Minutes

December SIT Meeting:


Members Present: Mr. Brown, Dr. Taylor, Juliann Miller, Sandra Sullivan, Michael Duncan, Michael Thomas, Crystal Morgan, Scott Eagle, Adair Doran, Barbara Peach, Tangela Morgan, Carie Fugle, Mallory Hodge-Whitley, Shaftina Snipes, Georgia Simons (parent)


Start: 3:45



  1. Approval of November Minutes

  2. Homeroom-

    1. The positive mentality needs to be carried through by all of the teachers, so the students are more likely to participate

      1. Teachers need to make the connection on why these skills are important for the long-term

    2. Junior and Senior Homerooms had a greater need (ACT prep & Graduation Projects)

    3. SIT Team will look into the improvement of the use of homeroom time

    4. Engagement for student participation needs improvement

    5. Homeroom time could be used for PBLs/competitions  

  3. Board Postings-

    1. Expectation on what needs to be posted on teacher’s white boards:

      1. Standard # - Just the standard number (for Admin purposes, not student purposes)

      2. Agenda – abbreviated version

      3. I can…

    2. SIT Team will look at revising/adding to this list soon

  4. Teacher Recommendations for Honors/AP Courses-

    1. District does not allow for there to be a teacher sign off on recommendations

  5. ACT Prep + Incentive

    1. PDP- majority of the faculty used ACT as a goal, need evidence for mid-year evaluations

    2. ACT Mock- early days of second semester, 4hr time frame, graded for student use

      1. Feedback on which day for mock testing is best needed from each department, SIT member reports back before Christmas Break to Dr. Taylor  

    3. Feb. 28th is official ACT test day, March 1st Make Up Day

    4. Incentives- teachers should encourage our students to do well on the ACT because it is valuable experience

  6. Behavior Management Team-

    1. Team will outline key points on how SHS deals with classroom management, and how to establish a more rigid protocol for after the referral

      1. Will also provide in-class strategies

    2. All BTs will use the plan established, any additional teachers will be recommended by an Admin Team

  7. Expectation of students in the halls-

    1. Effective December 13th, ALL students need to be back in their classrooms at 3pm

  8. Student Data-

    1. Teachers are encouraged to see the way Ms. Moody and Mrs. Miller are using student data inside the classroom.  They are seeing results in students completing the work, students are self-monitoring, and improved classroom attitudes.

      1. See how all teachers can use more student data in their own classroom

  9. Common Assessments & SchoolNet-

    1. Common courses should be using common assessments to gauge how students are doing in the course

    2. SchoolNet questions closely model the exam questions

      1. Students seeing the question-language can only help them on test day

    3. Common Assessments do not need to be long exams, 5-10 questions often will be beneficial for the students

  10. Student IDs-

    1. Moving along!  

    2. Purchased new program and software upgrade

    3. IDs will be given out first day of second semester

  11. ISS-

    1. ISS facility will be revamped to be more punitive

    2. ISS “Alternative Learning Classroom”  

      1. ALC will add Character Education curriculum

      2. ALC 1- classroom setting, general population, “Yellow” tech code

      3. ALC 2- no electronics/laptops, cubical/isolation

  12. PD 2nd Semester-

    1. Structured around a book study, Leaders of Learning

End Time: 4:52


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