April, 2017 SIT Minutes

April, 2017 SIT Minutes

SIT Meeting April 2017

Members Present: Dr. Michelle Taylor, Sandra Sullivan, Tangela Morgan, Kelly Goodman, Shaftina Snipes, Adair Doran, Michael Thomas, Sr. Frank Strong, Barbara Peach, Carie Fugle, Renee Diggs-Neal, Ms. Georgia Simons (parent)

Start Time: 3:45


  1. Approval of March Minutes
  2. Cheating Policy Revisit
    1. ATR- Honor Code Violation, first offense = warning  -- revisit
    2. Review of each department suggestions

              i.     Automatic zero for assignments, parental contact, parent-student-teacher conferences

              ii.     SIT will use suggestions from departments and create a policy at an upcoming meeting

  1. SIT/Departments need to differentiate between cheating and plagiarism when creating policy
  2. Need to send parents an update of policy at the beginning of the year (even mid-year as changes occur)

             i.     Discussion on methods for communicating with parents: school webpage, school app, teacher                                 syllabus, student packets

  1. Patrol the halls for out of place students
    1. Request for Resource Officer to patrol stairwells/hiding places for students out of place mid-way through blocks

              i.     Not within SRO jurisdiction

  1. Suggested that Admin on each floor will patrol stairwells/hiding places at least once during each block to move students along
  2. Request for continued hall sweeps for the remainder of the school year
  3. Hall Passes
    1. Teachers need to send students with their designated hall pass each time a student leaves the room
    2. If a teacher needs a new pass, contact Dr. Taylor – she has extras!
    3. Lockdown Cards
      1. Teachers only need RED cards, send GREEN cards back to Mrs. Peach
      2. Teachers need to have 2 RED cards:  1 for windows and 1 for doors.
      3. Mrs. Peach will resend the instructions for Lockdowns
      4. Student Absenteeism
        1. Teachers need to be taking accurate attendance each class
        2. Students will be required to take final exams, teachers need to be making contact with students who have habitual absenteeism now
        3. Budget
          1. Send all budget requests to Mr. Brown
          2. Departments would like a deadline for when budget requests should be submitted to Mr. Brown by
          3. End of school year teacher checklist
            1. Request for a checkout list for teachers to follow at the end of the year


End Time: 4:20


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